Dental care in modeling – a least cared for subject

April 20, 2017 Blog

Good and proper dental technique not only ensures a bright sunny smile but also staves off cavities and prevents gum disease. However, in the modeling industry, there are far too many occasions where the models teeth are not up to par. This has a huge effect on their career and also they pay. There are basic guidelines and regulations to maintaining perfect tooth and gum health, and preventing dental degradation over the long-term, agreed upon by renowned dental practitioners and healthcare advisors over the world. Here we’ll look into what you need to do to keep your teeth white and keep the modeling jobs coming in.

Principals of Whiter Teeth

Regular brushing is first of the principals to keeping your teeth fresh and healthy. Running a brush either with or without a toothpaste twice daily has been proven effective for combating plaque and unwanted food morsels in the mouth. Take your time with the job and use an electric toothbrush if there is trouble with holding it. A fluoride toothpaste is best for combating most of the root causes of gum disease and prevents bad breath and staining.

toothbrushPracticing good brushing technique is vital. Use a soft-bristled brush and angle it with the teeth. Swipe in gentle vertical as well as back-and-forth motions, making sure to reach the outside, inside and chewing surfaces of the teeth, ending with the tongue. Floss regularly in addition to brushing. Practice flossing in front of the mirror initially and work your way through without it, one tooth at a time. Curve the floss around the tooth when it reaches up to the gumline, and unwind fresh floss as you progress to the rest of your teeth. As long as both brushing and flossing are executed on a regular basis, it does not matter which part comes first. Using fluoride mouthwashes before bed is also a great way to combat accumulated plaque on the molars and incisors.

Keeping your brushing equipment clean and bacteria free is another consideration in oral health care. Rinse your brush thoroughly and let it air dry in a vertical position until you have to use it again. Keep it at a safe proximity from other toothbrushes to prevent cross contamination. Do not cover it up too frequently or place in closed containers in case molds and bacteria start to colonize on the bristles. Replace a toothbrush every three to four months, or sooner if your bristles have softened and frayed.

Examining Your Teeth

Self-examination and early detection of certain tooth and gum diseases is vital to seeking out the best treatment in the earliest possible phase. One model out of Stockton, CA named Kimberly, said she had to find a dentist in Stockton and have immediate treatment after noticing many of the warning signs listed below. Some of the warning signs that your teeth may be susceptible to certain bacterial infestations due to which we request you pay a visit to your dentist are:

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